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The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is an intelligent smartphone stabilizer lets you share your story from wherever life takes you. Unleash the power of your smartphone with the Osmo Mobile 2’s Portrait mode, zoom slider, and long battery life. Watch this couple travel around Japan and capture amazing panoramas, motionlapses, and stabilized video on their journey.

Front :: Dji Osmo Mobile2 , Dji Osmo Mobile , Dji Osmo

Rear :: Dji Osmo Mobile2 , Dji Osmo Mobile , Dji Osmo

Under handle :: Dji Osmo Mobile2 มีเกลียวมาตรฐานสำหรับวางยนขาตั้งกล้อง, Dji Osmo Mobile เป็นที่บรรจุแบท ซึ่งใช้ร่วมกันกับ Dji Osmo ได้ครับ

DJI OSMO SERIES :: Capture your best moments with smooth Osmo video

Osmo Mobile 2 :: Share Your Story |Smooth Video | Motion Timelapse | Zoom Control | Panorama | Portrait Orientation | Live Streaming
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Osmo :: Reimagine Movement |3-Axis Gimbal | Automatic Panorama | Timelapse

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